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Modular Mates...
The ULTIMATE in Organizing your Kitchen

Take a look in your kitchen pantry. If you open those cabinet doors, are you afraid of what might fall out? If so, you're NOT alone! Most of us tend to cram things in and close the door - quickly.

What if I could show you how to organize your kitchen in a way that would make it EASY to maintain? Wouldn't you love to open your cabinets and see everything nice and neat in a way you can actually find the things you have on-hand?

Organizing your Kitchen can Save you Money!

How much food does the average American family throw away each month? Would you believe the answer is
$25 worth

At $25 per month, that is over $300 per year! Shocking, but not surprising if you think about packages. Potato Chip bags and cereal boxes do not have ziplock closures. As soon as you open them, they are exposed to heat, humidity, bugs and start to go stale! Modular mates were designed by engineers to be virtually airtight and not only keep food fresh, but extend shelf life by at least a year, and as a system, organize your pantry and serve as an inventory system for what you family eats.

Storing your foods in Modular Mates will allow them to sit longer and remain fresh - thus saving you money!

Organizing your Kitchen can keep you healthy!

Did you know that a roach bug can live for weeks off of the glue that is on a cereal box?

There are many bugs that target your foods. The grocery packages are not designed to keep them out. Modular Mates ARE! You can rest assured that nothing is attacking your foods when they are securely stored.

Organizing your Kitchen makes shopping quicker!

Take inventory of your pantry contents. Make a list of what things you normally keep on hand. Then consult our storage chart to determine the size modular mates you need for each item.

Organize your pantry with a specific, labeled container for each item. This way when you are ready to visit the grocery store, you just peek in your pantry and easily see what items you are out of or low on. Your grocery list will write itself.

Organizing your Kitchen gives you MORE SPACE!

Modular Mates are designed to stack and maximize your cabinet space. They fit together like a puzzle to work with your particular size cabinets. You will find space you never imagined when your foods are efficiently stored.

What are you waiting for?

The benefits of Modular Mates are unending. This is a product that will simplify and improve your day to day lifestyle in many ways. This is a product that will save you money in the long run. Now is the time to make an investment in a LIFETIME food storage system.

To make your decision even easier, Tupperware is offering select Modular Mates as Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (ends April 5). Visit my store to make your product selections today.
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Please let me know if you have any questions!



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